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Name: Taylor Alison Swift date of birth: December 13, 1989 (age 21)
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Singer, songwriter,, Guitarist,, actress
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar,, Piano, Ukulele
Years active :2006-present Label: Big Machine Records
Associated: acts Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, John Mayer, Boys Like Girls
Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989, age 21 years) is a singer-songwriter genre of music Country and American actress. Swift is best known by the media because of her golden curly hair and blue eyes that her cat. He released his first song titled "Tim McGraw", from his first album also titled Taylor Swift, who has become a multi-platinum and certified 5x Platinum in the U.S.. On 11 November 2008, he released his second album, entitled Fearless, whose sales soared, and has been certified 7x Platinum from RIAA. Fearless also occupy the first position of the Billboard 200 for 11 weeks, is a week compared with most other albums of this decade. Fearless became the best selling album in 2009, with 3.2 million copies sold in 2009. Her second album, Fearless, won the 2010 Grammy Awards to award its highest award, Album of the Year. Swift became the winner of Album of the Year of the youngest Grammy Awards, winning the prestigious award at the age of 20 years, overthrew Alanis Morissette who won Album of the Year for her album Jagged Little Pill at the age of 21 years. In 2008, the second album (and Fearless Taylor Swift) have been sold with a combination of as many as five million copies, and is the highest for all artists in 2008 in the U.S.. In January 2010, Nielsen Soundscan announced that Swift was "Top-Selling Digital Music Artists in History" or artist with the biggest digital music sales, as many as 24.9 million only in digital form. . So far, he had sold the recording as many as 15 million copies worldwide. He has starred in several TV series and a model of multiple video clips, as well as a cameo in several films. He began his acting career filmed Valentine's Day with the role of Felicia. His third album, entitled Speak Now, getting very positive reviews from critics and sold more than one million copies in its first week, 1,047,000 copies, making the album Speak Now women with the highest sales since Britney Spears ditahun 2000 with the album Oops! ... I Did It Again with sales of 1,320,000 copies.
Musical career:
2006-2008: Taylor Swift Swift was first released his first single, "Tim McGraw", and managed to reach rank 6 on the Billboard Hot Country Song and ranked 40 in the Billboard Hot 100. Then he released his debut album, Taylor Swift, who immediately enrolled in the ranks 19 on the Billboard 200. Then, after the release of single "teardrops on My Guitar", album sales began to rise and eventually reach the top of the Billboard Hot Country Albums and ranked 5th on the Billboard 200. The album peaks positioned to survive for 24 weeks are not consecutive. Another album that has dipuncak week Billboard Hot Country Albums over 20 weeks in the decade of the 2000s only the Dixie Chicks and Carrie Underwood. After January 2010, Taylor Swift has sold 4.6 million copies and 9 million downloads singles chart. The second singles from her first album, "teardrops on My Guitar" is able to achieve higher success of "Tim McGraw", occupies the position 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Song and position 13 in the Billboard Hot 100, Swift's first song that occupy positions on the Billboard Hot Top 20 100. Third singles, "Our Song", managed to find success even higher than "teardrops on My Guitar", has topped the Billboard Hot Country Song, his first singles which managed to do it and be positioned top for 6 weeks, also one of the longest record for a female singer. The song also managed to occupy the position 16 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it the second Swift songs that occupy positions in the Top 20 chart. Third singles entitled "Picture to Burn" has not managed to achieve success like "Our Song", but still quite successful because it occupies position 3 on the Billboard Hot Country Song and 29th position on the Billboard Hot 100. After her first album to be re meriis Taylor Swift: Deluxe Edition, and adds a single again, "Should've Said No". Despite getting ratings that are less good, singles are able to occupy the position of top of the Billboard Hot Country Song for 2 weeks and position 33 in the Billboard Hot 100. Until late 2008, Taylor Swift has sold 3 million copies in the U.S.. He also had won a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist, but escaped into Amy Winehouse.
2008-2009: Fearless Swift released her second album, Fearless in November 2008 and immediately very successful. At the beginning of its opening, the album sold over 592.300 copies, the largest amount for the entire female artist in 2008. Only in two months, the album successfully sold 2.2 million copies. The album was also listed in rank 1 for the Billboard 200 for 11 consecutive weeks and was also ranked no 1 for the Billboard Hot Country Albums for 35 weeks are not consecutive. Four singles released as a promotional single from Fearless, and all four have a very festive welcome. The single is "Change", "Fearless", "You're Not Sorry", and "You Belong with Me", which directly enter the ranking of 10, 9, 11, and 12, respectively. Swift was the first artist who is able to do this. The first singles released were "Love Story", a la the style of ancient times, this song became an international song of the first Swift. Ranks in the Top 10 in more than 20 countries around the world, including the Top 5 in several countries, including the rank 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and # 1 on the Billboard Hot Country Song for 2 weeks. "White Horse" was appointed as the second single released, this ballad singles managed to occupy position 13 in the Billboard Hot 100, and position 2 on the Billboard Hot Country Song. This Singel won two Grammy Awards as well as for Best Country Song and Best Female Country Vocal Performance. Fearless is the third single from "You Belong with Me", released as a single original and managed to reach position 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and position 1 for two weeks on the Billboard Hot Country Song. The song was nominated for 3 Grammy Awards at the same time, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, unfortunately, all failed to be won. Then the "Fifteen" was released a fourth single, and "Fearless" was released back into the original single fifth. In addition, the Fearless was announced as the Billboard's Top Selling Albumof 2009, indicating a best-selling album in 2009 with sales of 3.2 million copies. On September 13, 2009, precisely the MTV Video Music Awards was held. Swift has won a trophy for Best Female Video for his video "You Belong with Me". However, when making a speech to his victory, rapper Kanye West with advanced kepanggung relaxed and took the microphone held by Swift, and stated that the video of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" was the one who should win, not video Swift. Kanye West and then expelled from the show, and while Beyonce won the Video of the Year, the highest award that night, he invited Swift to go back and finish his speech. Swift agrees, and he completed his speech that night. The incident attracted many artists, including Best Female Video nominees, such as Pink, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Kelly Clarkson, the compact agreed that the video Swift's fine win. Artists and many other important person also thinks Kanye West is very negative action, and do not deserve. Kanye West finally apologized to Swift, and Swift accepted.
2010-present: Debut film and Speak Now In February 2010, she received eight Grammy Award nominations and get 4 of them, including Album of the Year and Best Country Album for Fearless, as well as Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song for "White Horse". He was also nominated as Best New Artist of 2008 (passed on Amy Winehouse), and was nominated for 4 categories, namely the Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "You Belong with Me" and Best Pop Collaborations with Vocals for "Breathe", with Colbie Caillat. Swift then appear in the film Valentine's Day, and sang the main song in the soundtrack, entitled "Today Was a Fairytale". Reaction of this song is very powerful, and in a week this song has sold 325,000 copies, and get a position 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Beat the previous record held by Britney Spears and his song "Womanizer" sold 280,000 copies in its first week. Swift released his third album titled Speak Now on October 25, 2010. Since its release, the critics gave a very positive review even close to perfect for this album. Completing a positive response from critics, Speak Now with great success through the numbers one million copies in its first week, which only 1,047,000 in its first week. Swift was the first artist to get a million copies for the first week album sales since Lil Wayne in 2008, and also the first country artist to get a million copies first week album sales, Garth Brooks ditahun since 1994. Speak Now to record a country album of the artist's first woman to penetrate more than one million copies its first diminggu, and second overall, after Garth Brooks. Wing other country female artist who had occupied this record is the album Shania Twain Up! in 2002 which sold 847,000 copies its first diminggu. Discography Albums • Taylor Swift • Fearless • Speak Now Charts List of Top 40 Songs from the Billboard Hot 100. Swift've got 27 songs listed in the Top 40 of the most prestigious music magazine Billboard Hot 100, half of that debut directly reach that position. 

..  Indonesia:
Nama:    Taylor Alison Swift
tanggal lahir:    13 Desember 1989 (umur 21)
 Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

Pekerjaan:Penyanyi,,Penulis lagu,,Gitaris,,Aktris


Tahun aktif:2006–sekarang
Label:Big Machine Records

Associated:acts    Selena Gomez,,Miley Cyrus,,John Mayer,,Boys Like Girls

Taylor Alison Swift (lahir 13 Desember 1989; umur 21 tahun) adalah seorang penyanyi-penulis lagu bergenre musik Country dan aktris berkebangsaan Amerika Serikat. Swift paling dikenal oleh media karena rambut curly emasnya dan mata kucingnya yang berwarna biru.
Dia merilis lagu pertamanya yang berjudul "Tim McGraw", dari album pertamanya yang juga berjudul Taylor Swift, yang telah menjadi multi-platinum dan disertifikasi 5x Platinum di US. Pada tanggal 11 November 2008, ia merilis album keduanya yang berjudul Fearless, yang penjualannya meroket, dan telah disertifikasi 7x Platinum dari RIAA. Fearless pun menduduki posisi pertama Billboard 200 untuk 11 minggu, adalah minggu terbanyak dibandingkan dengan album-album lainnya dekade ini. Fearless pun menjadi album dengan penjualan terbaik selama tahun 2009, dengan 3,2 juta kopi terjual pada tahun 2009. Album keduanya, Fearless, memenangkan penghargaan 2010 Grammy Awards untuk penghargaan tertingginya, Album of the Year. Swift menjadi pemenang Album of the Year dari Grammy Awards yang termuda, memenangkan penghargaan bergengsi tersebut pada umur 20 tahun, menggulingkan Alanis Morissette yang memenangkan Album of the Year untuk albumnya Jagged Little Pill pada umur 21 tahun.
Pada tahun 2008, kedua albumnya (Taylor Swift dan Fearless) telah terjual dengan kombinasi sebanyak lima juta kopi, dan merupakan tertinggi untuk seluruh artis pada tahun 2008 di US. Di Januari 2010, Nielsen Soundscan mengumumkan bahwa Swift adalah "Top-Selling Digital Music Artist in History" atau artis dengan penjualan musik digital terbesar, sebanyak 24,9 juta hanya dalam bentuk digital. . Sejauh ini, ia sudah menjual rekaman sebanyak 15 juta kopi diseluruh dunia. Ia telah membintangi sejumlah serial TV dan menjadi model beberapa video klip, serta menjadi cameo dibeberapa film. Ia memulai debut karier aktingnya difilm Valentine's Day dengan peran Felicia. Album ketiganya yang berjudul Speak Now, mendapatkan review yang sangat positif dari para kritikus dan terjual lebih dari satu juta kopi dalam minggu pertamanya, 1,047,000 kopi, menjadikan Speak Now album wanita dengan penjualan tertinggi sejak Britney Spears ditahun 2000 dengan album Oops!... I Did It Again dengan penjualan 1,320,000 kopi.

Karier Bermusik:

2006–2008: Taylor Swift
Swift pertama kali merilis singel pertamanya, "Tim McGraw", dan berhasil meraih peringkat 6 di Billboard Hot Country Song dan peringkat 40 di Billboard Hot 100. Lalu ia merilis album perdananya, Taylor Swift, yang langsung terdaftar pada peringkat 19 di Billboard 200. Lalu, setelah perilisan singel "Teardrops on My Guitar", penjualan albumnya mulai meninggi dan akhirnya mencapai posisi puncak Billboard Hot Country Albums dan peringkat 5 di Billboard 200. Album tersebut bertahan diposisi puncak untuk 24 minggu tidak berurutan. Album lain yang memiliki minggu dipuncak Billboard Hot Country Albums diatas 20 minggu pada dekade 2000-an hanya Dixie Chicks dan Carrie Underwood. Setelah Januari 2010, Taylor Swift telah terjual 4,6 juta kopi dan 9 juta download singel.
Singel kedua dari album perdananya, "Teardrops on My Guitar" mampu mencapai kesuksesan lebih tinggi dari "Tim McGraw", menduduki posisi 2 di Billboard Hot Country Song dan posisi 13 di Billboard Hot 100, lagu Swift pertama yang menduduki posisi Top 20 di Billboard Hot 100. Singel ketiganya, "Our Song", berhasil mendapatkan kesuksesan lebih tinggi lagi dari "Teardrops on My Guitar", berhasil menduduki posisi puncak Billboard Hot Country Song, singel pertamanya yang berhasil melakukannya dan berada diposisi puncak untuk 6 minggu, juga salah satu rekor terlama untuk seorang penyanyi wanita. Lagu tersebut juga berhasil menduduki posisi 16 di Billboard Hot 100, menjadikannya lagu Swift kedua yang menduduki posisi Top 20 di chart tersebut.
Singel ketiganya yang berjudul "Picture to Burn" belum berhasil mencapai kesuksesan seperti "Our Song", namun masih lumayan sukses karena menduduki posisi 3 di Billboard Hot Country Song dan posisi 29 di Billboard Hot 100. Setelah meriis ulang album perdananya menjadi Taylor Swift: Deluxe Edition, dan menambahkan sebuah singel lagi, "Should've Said No". Meskipun mendapatkan rating yang kurang bagus, singel tersebut mampu menduduki posisi puncak Billboard Hot Country Song untuk 2 minggu dan posisi 33 di Billboard Hot 100. Sampai akhir 2008, Taylor Swift telah terjual sebanyak 3 juta kopi di US. Ia pun sempat meraih nominasi Grammy Award untuk Best New Artist, tapi lolos ke Amy Winehouse.

2008–2009: Fearless
Swift merilis album keduanya, Fearless pada November 2008 dan langsung sangat sukses. Pada awal pembukaannya, album tersebut terjual sebanyak 592,300 kopi, merupakan jumlah terbanyak untuk seluruh artis wanita pada tahun 2008. Hanya dalam dua bulan, album tersebut sukses terjual 2,2 juta kopi. Album tersebut juga terdaftar dalam peringkat 1 untuk Billboard 200 selama 11 minggu tidak berurutan dan juga peringkat 1 untuk Billboard Hot Country Albums untuk 35 minggu tidak berurutan. Empat singel dirilis sebagai singel promosi dari Fearless, dan keempatnya mendapatkan sambutan yang sangat meriah. Singel tersebut adalah "Change", "Fearless", "You're Not Sorry", dan "You Belong with Me", yang langsung masuk ke peringkat 10, 9, 11, dan 12, berurutan. Swift adalah artis pertama yang mampu melakukan hal ini.
Singel yang pertama dirilis adalah "Love Story", dengan gaya a la zaman dahulu, lagu ini menjadi lagu internasional Swift yang pertama. Berhasil meraih peringkat di Top 10 di lebih dari 20 negara didunia, termasuk juga Top 5 dibeberapa negara, termasuk peringkat 4 di Billboard Hot 100 dan peringkat 1 di Billboard Hot Country Song untuk 2 minggu. "White Horse" ditunjuk sebagai singel kedua yang dirilis, singel ballad ini berhasil menduduki posisi 13 di Billboard Hot 100, dan posisi 2 di Billboard Hot Country Song. Singel ini berhasil meraih dua Grammy Award sekaligus untuk Best Country Song dan Best Female Country Vocal Performance.
Singel ketiga dari Fearless adalah "You Belong with Me", yang dirilis sebagai singel asli dan berhasil meraih posisi 2 di Billboard Hot 100 serta posisi 1 untuk dua minggu di Billboard Hot Country Song. Lagu ini dinominasikan untuk 3 Grammy Award sekaligus, Record of the Year, Song of the Year, dan Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, sayangnya, semua gagal dimenangkan. Lalu "Fifteen" dirilis menjadi singel keempat, dan "Fearless" dirilis kembali menjadi singel asli kelima. Selain itu, Fearless pun diumumkan sebagai Billboard's Top Selling Albumof 2009, menandakan sebagai album terlaris pada tahun 2009 dengan penjualan 3,2 juta kopi.
Pada tanggal 13 September 2009, tepatnya acara MTV Video Music Awards digelar. Swift berhasil memenangkan sebuah piala untuk Best Female Video untuk videonya "You Belong with Me". Namun, saat sedang berpidato untuk kemenangannya, rapper Kanye West dengan santai maju kepanggung dan merebut mikrofon yang dipegang Swift, dan menyatakan bahwa video dari Beyonce yang berjudul "Single Ladies" lah yang harusnya menang, bukan video Swift. Kanye West lalu diusir dari acara, dan saat Beyonce memenangkan Video of the Year, penghargaan tertinggi malam itu, ia mengundang Swift untuk kembali maju dan menyelesaikan pidatonya. Swift setuju dan ia menyelesaikan pidatonya malam itu. Insiden ini menyedot perhatian banyak artis, termasuk para nominator Best Female Video lainnya, seperti Pink, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, serta Kelly Clarkson, yang kompak setuju bahwa video Swift boleh-boleh saja menang. Artis dan banyak orang penting lainnya pun menilai tindakan Kanye West sangat negatif, dan tidak pantas. Kanye West akhirnya meminta maaf pada Swift, dan Swift menerimanya.

2010-sekarang: Debut film dan Speak Now
Pada Februari 2010, ia mendapatkan 8 nominasi Grammy Awards dan mendapatkan 4 diantaranya, antara lain Album of the Year dan Best Country Album untuk Fearless, serta Best Female Country Vocal Performance dan Best Country Song untuk "White Horse". Ia juga dinominasikan sebagai Best New Artist tahun 2008 lalu (lolos pada Amy Winehouse), dan dinominasikan untuk 4 kategori lain, yaitu Record of the Year, Song of the Year, dan Best Female Pop Vocal Performance untuk "You Belong with Me" dan Best Pop Collaborations with Vocal untuk "Breathe", bersama Colbie Caillat.
Swift lalu muncul dalam film Valentine's Day, dan menyanyikan lagu utama dalam soundtracknya, yang berjudul "Today Was a Fairytale". Reaksi lagu ini sangat dahsyat, dan dalam seminggu lagu ini telah terjual 325.000 kopi, dan langsung mendapatkan posisi 2 di Billboard Hot 100. Mengalahkan rekor yang sebelumnya dipegang Britney Spears dan lagunya "Womanizer" yang terjual 280.000 kopi pada minggu pertamanya.
Swift merilis album ketiganya bertitel Speak Now pada 25 Oktober 2010. Semenjak dirilis, para kritikus memberikan review yang sangat positif bahkan mendekati sempurna untuk album ini. Melengkapi respon positif dari kritikus, Speak Now berhasil dengan hebatnya menembus angka satu juta kopi dalam minggu pertama, yaitu 1,047,000 hanya pada minggu pertamanya. Swift adalah artis pertama yang mendapatkan satu juta kopi untuk penjualan albumnya diminggu pertama sejak Lil Wayne ditahun 2008, dan juga artis country pertama yang mendapatkan satu juta kopi penjualan albumnya diminggu pertama, sejak Garth Brooks ditahun 1994. Speak Now menjadi rekor sebuah album country dari artis wanita pertama yang menembus lebih dari satu juta kopi diminggu pertamanya, dan kedua keseluruhan, setelah Garth Brooks. Artis wanita beraliran country lainnya yang sempat menduduki rekor ini adalah Shania Twain dengan albumnya Up! ditahun 2002 yang terjual 847,000 kopi diminggu pertamanya.
•    Taylor Swift
•    Fearless
•    Speak Now
Tangga Lagu
Daftar Top 40 Lagu dari Billboard Hot 100. Swift sudah mendapatkan 27 lagu yang terdaftar dalam Top 40 dari majalah musik paling bergengsi Billboard Hot 100, setengahnya merupakan debut yang langsung mencapai posisi itu.

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